New R4 3DS cards

A lot of new gamers that purchase a DS want to know if the r4 3ds is a necessity. They want to know if they can get by without paying the additional cost of the r4 3ds. The answer is yes and no. If you want the full experience of the DS and you want to be able to play downloaded games than yes you need one. If you don’t really care and are happy with the DS as is then no you do not need one. If you want to watch movies or read Ebooks with your DS than you will absolutely need one. If you want to play GBA games you will need one. There are many reasons why you will need an r4 3ds card! As a matter of fact even if you are brand new to gaming without the right card you will really not be getting out of your DS what you can and will be limiting your experience so you are much better off to get one early on to get the most out of your console. Are They Legal? Legalities are all about who you ask. Technically if you purchase your game console than you own it and what you do too it/with it is entirely up to you. Nintendo is not so crazy about the r4 3ds cards because it expands the capabilities of the game console allowing you to save money and of course Nintendo would much rather you shell out the big bucks to buy all the games that they offer instead of sharing them. Can You Get In Trouble For Using a r4 3ds Card? No! It is not very likely that Nintendo will ever go after the consumers for using these cards. They primarily focus their lawsuits on the people that create them and sell them in mass quantities. Where Can You Purchase One? It is best to use a trusted reputable dealer when you are purchasing a r4 3ds card. There are a lot of not so trustworthy people that peddle these cards and they just don’t work out. Look for trusted brands and use a reputable dealer online to purchase your card. You can expect to pay anywhere from $10 to $50 for a decent card that will work with most everything. You do not have to spend a lot to get a lot! There are some really great card out there so do your research and get the card that you need to really get everything you can out of your DS.