Various types of Motorcycle fairings

Aftermarket motorcycle fairings are a big deal. Whether you’re purchasing Suzuki fairings, Honda fairings, Kawasaki fairings, or any other type of motorcycle fairings, it’s a good idea to understand just what you’re buying into.


Types Of Motorcycle Fairings

When it comes to motorcycle fairings, there are several types of fairings currently available on the market. fairing If you’re new to the concept of purchasing motorcycle fairings for something like a Ducati 749 or Yamaha FZ6, it can be useful and even interesting to know something about the 7 major types of motorcycle fairings.


This knowledge is not only useful in a consumer sense, but it also provides a fascinating history of the evolution of motorcycle fairings:


  • Streamliner fairing: This is the type of motorcycle fairing that you’re going to find on a land-speed record machine. All of the motorcycle’s body is covered.
  • Dustbin fairing: This single-piece fairing is streamlined, looks a lot like the nose of an aircraft, and it was banned from being used in racing in 1958.
  • Dolphin fairing: When the dustbin fairings were banned in 1958, the dolphin fairings became more prevalent. The name came out of the fact that the fairing resembled the beak of a dolphin from a certain angle.
  • Full-fairing: A full-fairing is going to cover both the upper and lower parts of the bike. If there is a crash in which the fairings begin sliding along the road, a full-fairing can give the engine and chassis the protection it’s going to need.
  • Half-fairing: There are several noteworthy features to the half-fairing. The first is the fact that you’re going to find that there is a windscreen. With the half-fairing, you’ll also want to note that it extends below the handlebars or further. In some cases, it can even go all the way down the sides of the cylinder block. If you have a half-fairing, you’ll want to keep in mind that there are a number of aftermarket kits that can help you to turn your half-fairing motorcycle into a full-fairing motorcycle.
  • Quarter fairing: This type of fairing is also known as the bikini fairing. These windscreen/minimal fairings are known to extend around the headlight and are attached to the triple clamp.
  • Belly pan: You’ll often find belly pans paired up with quarter or half-fairings. These are designed to divert the flow of air away from under the engine of your bike. This is both visually appealing and aerodynamically-sound.