Advantages of Nintendo R4 3DS

The video gaming industry is growing in a rapid pace more than ever before. The video games have come in many modes and they have become successful all the forms. Since the gamers are becoming smarter, they expect different experiences always. Repeated and age old gaming experiences make them bored. Nintendo is one among the leading game developers in the world. They have understood the expectations of the gamers and so they have introduced the hand held console, the 3DS. It is no doubt that with the updated options and features, the 3DS will you the brand new gaming experience to you. The users of 3DS are asking if they can get any kind of a tool that can enhance their gaming experience with Nintendo’s 3DS even more interesting.

These questions have been answered now in the form of an R4 3DS card. This is a memory card that can be attached to the handheld 3DS. These cards are just like the common game cartridges but not completely similar. The important difference between a game cartridge and an R4 card is that you can insert a micro SD card to the R4 card where you can save so many files. By using the R4 card, you can transfer your files from one device to another.

There are numerous advantages one can enjoy by using this card. For many of the users of 3DS, they are not satisfied only with the video games they play. They need even more entertainment apart from gaming. This R4 card is a boon for you, if you also feel the same. When you attach this card to your 3DS, you can have entertainments like listening to music, watching videos and movies etc. There is a slot in the R4 card where you can insert a memory card. This will let you save many files which can’t be otherwise saved in your 3DS device. By doing this, you will have a lot of space where you can keep your files. This will prevent you from wasting a lot of space from your 3DS memory.

With a 3DS, you can only play games that are offered by a certain developer or a few famous and big game developers. Sometimes, these developers may charge you to proceed to the next levels in their games. But, when you attach an R4 card to your 3DS, you will be able to play any game that you have in your R4 memory card. Plus, you can get so many games by various other game developers without even having to pay some money to complete the games.

So these R4 3DS cartridges all these advantages which will make your gaming experiences even more thrilling. As mentioned before, you will not be limited to just playing games with the 3DS, but also to enjoy unlimited entertainment as music, videos and films. The SD card slot attached to this slot allows you to save more data thus avoiding to waste the space in your 3DS. So, overall this is an added advantage to the game lovers.