3D Gunstar Heroes Game for the Nintendo 3DS

If you’re a gamer, one cannot argue that the games of the yesteryear are so much better in terms of gameplay than most modern games. I am not belittling modern games because they too, in fact, introduce new gameplay elements. But, it is the classic games that really set the mark in their respective genres.

In this article, we are going to talk about the 3D Gunstar Heroes Game for the Nintendo 3DS. Now, Gunstar Heroes was first released for the Sega Genesis, but since this game’s popularity skyrocketed through the years, it was ported to various game consoles. We are going to discuss the 3DS version of the game.

The story of the game revolves around the Gunstar family. Since this is a 2-player game, you will either take control of Gunstar Blue or Gunstar Red. If you’re playing solo, you will have control of Gunstar Red.

There was this God-like being who was called the “Golden Silver”. He is already in hibernate status and the only thing that can wake him up is through the power of the sacred gems.

The Gunstar family took a hold of the four sacred gems that can wake the Golden Silver up. All of these 4 gems were kept hidden and only the Gunstar family knows where it is.

Most of the game’s shenanigans are brought up by Colonel Red. Colonel Red wants to resurrect the Golden Silver, hoping that this Divine being would bring happiness and Utopia on Earth (unfortunately, the Golden Silver wants destruction; not utopia).

To know the whereabouts of the sacred gems, Colonel Red kidnaps Gunstar Green and mind-controls him to do his bidding. He uses Gunstar Green to turn against his own family and he will be one of the bosses in the game (don’t worry, this game will have a happy ending).

During the course of the game, Gunstar Yellow will be kidnapped and the only way to save her is to give the whereabouts of the sacred gems (of course, your heroes will give the coordinates to save their sibling).

After Colonel Red acquired all of the sacred gems, he set forth to the Golden Silver’s location in the hopes to resurrect him and bring Utopia to the world. Golden Silver was resurrected but he killed Colonel Red. And you know what will happen next (because your characters are heroes, remember?).

The 3D Gunstar Heroes Game for the Nintendo 3DS is a side-scrolling shooting game. You will control either Gunstar Blue or Gunstar Red. Both of them have 4 weapons by default but you can combine these 4 weapons to make an additional 10 more weapons.

The main highlight of the game is its boss battles. Unlike other shooting games, the 3D Gunstar Heroes Game for the Nintendo 3DS boss battles are really hard. This makes it more fun and that you should utilize all of the weapons your character has.

If you want to play a very enjoyable shooting game in your Nintendo 3DS, then the 3D Gunstar Heroes Game for the Nintendo 3DS is a very good choice.

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